Just a quick rundown of the tools I use day to day for web development. Shamlessly coppied the idea from Wes Bos, as I found his resource very useful.

Editor + Terminal

I recently switched to Visual Studio Code after Sublime Text 3, and I'm pretty happy with it so far. For a theme I finally settled on Cobalt2 by Wes, but for years I used Solarized.

Dank Mono is my font of choice. After seeing lots of tutorial videos using a font with italics, I really liked the way it looked. This is pretty cheap, and I prefer tje italics in this compaired to Operator Mono.

I’m trying out Hyper as a terminal, but mostly just because it looks nice. Again this is using Cobalt2 theme and Dank Mono font.

Desktop Apps

For my main browser I switched back to Firefox when Quantum came out. Some performance issues on heavy animations still, but also I'm starting to distrust Google a lot.

When deisgning or working with SVGs I tend to use Sketch.

I use Alfred instead of Spotlight, but mostly again just for how it looks.

The other thing I have open everyday is Slack


I have a 13inch Macbook Pro (2016) with touchbar. I don't love it, but my mid 2012 machine was falling apart. I picked up a referb LG Ultrafine 4K Display, which I really like. Not having to carry my charger to the office every day is one of the main benafits of USBC.

My mouse is a Magic Mouse (with batteries a friend gave me) and I brought the space gray Apple Magic Keyboard on a wim.


I rent a desk in L'Atelier Coworking in Vancouver. Big Desk and nice chair by the window. I like it.